Tutorials Tools of the Trade - A brief description of some of the stuff I use to produce my work. Sketching Tips - Some ideas on how to sketch basic figures. Basic Cartoon Proportions - Some tips on how to determine proportions for adults and children. Drawing & Coloring with Xara - A mini-tutorial on how to draw and color using Xara Designer Pro. Learn to Draw by Copying - Instead of fumbling around trying to be original and create your own style, why not learn to draw by copying the work of already accomplished artists? Creating a Comic - Ideas on how to go from a blank sheet of paper to a finished comic. Using 3D Models - How you can use 3D models in your artwork to add realism and make life easier. Video Tutorials - A collection of tutorials I have made dealing with using Xara, a Wacom Cintiq 12WX tablet and Toon Boom Studio.